Brickies Network the Bricklayers Association Australia's role is to represent and advocate for bricklayers within the construction industry and wider community.

We protect, develop, and support bricklayers at all levels with up to date Information on changes to building code and legislation that affect the bricklaying industry, along with educational tools and and programs to ensure bricklayers stay profitable and competitive.

Meet the founder,

I’m Andrew (Andy) Shaw

With over 30 five years in the construction industry from apprenticeship, to working as a bricklayer, then starting my own business, running and expanding it for 15 years to a stage of making 20%+ net profit on turnover, giving me flexibility to retire early. This has allowed me to take on other roles within construction to understand building companies, travel teaching others and start Brickies Network the Bricklayers Association Australia.

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Brickies Network Story

The last 5 years I have travelled Australia researching the state of play in Bricklaying. It’s amazing how different Brick and Block Laying Businesses operate from state to state, even region to region. Some Businesses are doing things so differently and really making a success and others just doing the same as everyone else, getting the same results (generally very poor). This led me to start Brickies Network the Bricklayers Association Australia, a community of industry professionals. The associations mission is to protect, develop and support bricklayers. Advocate for industry change and justice for bricklayers. Promote and enhance bricklaying as a profession.

"Brickies Network has completely changed the way I hire staff. I now have better quality tradesmen and less staff turnover." 

- Barry Butler

"Last year, my builder supplied everything. Now I supply all my materials and make a margin on everything. Thanks Andy!"

- Brett Tremble

"Brickies Network taught me how to quote jobs for profit and when to say NO to the wrong projects for my business."

- Steve Cain

Why I Do It

I'm passionate about the bricklaying trade. Based on my own experience owning a bricklaying business and travelling Australia examining all the bricklaying businesses, I developed Brickies Network education hub and community. Becoming a Brickies Network member gives you access to the tried and proven tactics and strategies specifically designed for bricklaying businesses.

After spending so much time with bricklaying business owners and drawing on my own experience, everyone is struggling with something. Quoting, invoicing, staff, dispute resolution, forward planning, the list goes on but, there's only so many hours in a day and generally you're flat out just getting the job done.


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