Together we’re a bricklaying community of industry professionals. We protect, develop and support bricklayers. Advocate for industry change and justice for bricklayers. Promote and enhance bricklaying as a profession.

Why Become a Brickies Network Member?

Our members are the lifeblood of our association. Without you, we don’t exist. This is why you, and the needs of your business, are at the forefront of everything we do. 
Our mission is to provide services and undertake activities that enhance our member's ability to run a successful business and make a profit.

Top 9 Reasons to Become a Member.

    We assist you in all aspects of running a business, from drawing up contracts and securing payments, through to resolving disputes and providing safety training.
    The more connections you have access to, the more successful you can be. We can link you with everyone from clients, to apprentices, as well as contractors, manufacturers, suppliers and service providers.
    We want to inspire you to be a lifelong learner yourself, and to develop your team’s knowledge and skills. We offer a whole range of training programs, from short courses to online business coaching. As an association we are partnered with Registered Training Organisations too—this means you have access to nationally-recognised qualifications.
    We are your voice. At all times, we advocate for you to Building Authorities, Local, State and Federal Governments, Standards Australia, and all other bodies affecting the plasterboard and allied industries.
    We ensure you have information and advice on any and all changes to building practices, awards, legislation and technical standards affecting the industry.
    We link you with technical experts from member companies that meet to discuss and provide input to building practices, legislation and technical standards affecting the industry.
    The Brickies Network website is your place to find industry information, key resources, publications, and links for the industry. You’ll also benefit from the future member events, technical information and much more!
    The Brickies Network will have an active social program where you are able to enjoy the comradery the association offers, including luncheons, event days and other networking events.
    Brickies Network is actively involved in promoting Bricklaying positive career choice. We encourage and support school-based education as well as apprentice training programs to improve skills and attract quality tradespeople to the industry.

Base Membership

Brickies Network base membership is specifically designed for employee bricklayers or hourly rate ABN contractor employees. Learn more.

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Brickies Network first year startup premium membership is specifically for bricklayers starting their own business. Learn more.

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I’m Andrew (Andy) Shaw

with over 35 years in the construction industry from apprenticeship, to working as a bricklayer, then starting my own business, running and expanding it for 15 years to a stage of making 20%+ net profit on turnover giving me flexibility to retire early. This has allowed me to take on other roles within construction to understand building companies and travel teaching others.

Read My Story

James Martin

Working with Andy has changed my life. I’m only 3 months in and feel like I will be off the tools next year!.

Chris Craig

Last year I was 49 and no super. Thanks to Andy, I’m now financially on track for retirement!.

Networking Opportunities

Make meaningful connections with bricklayers nationwide. Attend our networking events, workshops, and conferences to exchange ideas and build relationships within the industry.

Professional Development

Stay ahead of the game with our comprehensive educational programs and training sessions. Learn about the latest techniques, trends, and technologies in bricklaying to enhance your skills and advance your career.

Advocacy and Representation

Rest assured knowing we've got your back. We advocate for your interests at the local, state, and national levels, ensuring that your voice is heard and your concerns are addressed.


for Growing Your Bricklaying Business.

These resources draw on over 30 years of experience working directly with bricklaying businesses and subcontractors.