How to stop builders and clients asking you to reduce your rate.

Get paid what your worth and have the bricklaying business others dream of.

 Are you sick and tired of being asked to reduce your rates?

Are you fed up with being asked to work harder and harder for less money?

Do you want to start getting more reliable staff  so you can get the jobs done quicker?

Are you sick of worrying that you might not get paid on time? or even worse paid it all if the builder goes broke?

Do you want the most up to date business advice that's working in the market for Bricklayers Australia wide right now?

Do you want to start living a life with more freedom to spend time with family and friends?

Do you want a network of Bricklayers to learn best practice from, ensuring you get all the holidays and benefits that everyone else gets when you want it? 

Do you want to make more money as a bricky and have the business he dreamed of?

Then this is the event for you!

FREE event for Bricklayers that want to make more money and have more time.


Come and join Brickies Network, the Bricklayers Association Australia and find out what hundreds of other Bricklayers around Australia are doing to combat these issues. 

Bendigo East Bowls Club this Friday 28th June@ 4:30pm


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John from EVO Masonry joined Brickies Network 12 week intensive Take-On coaching program in January 24, with a an amazing eye-opening experience into his own business. He followed our 3P steps to transform his Bricklaying operation and take it to the next level.

Together we’re a bricklaying community of industry professionals. We protect, develop and support bricklayers. Advocate for industry change and justice for bricklayers. Promote and enhance bricklaying as a profession.